Privacy Policy for Epic Combo Personalized Ads Served Through

Epic Combo is the Marketing Agency behind, a state of the art dynamic ad serving solution. It is essential that you understand: we do not know who you are. We collect and use anonymous aggregated data relating to browsing behaviors and generic user patterns to display better advertisements. The only reason we collect such data is to be able to understand people’s interests and enhance user experience while interacting with our partner brands and browsing the web in general. Epic Combo Ltd. And it’s subsidiaries are entitled to collect and use data detailed in this Privacy Policy by the user visiting any partner sites of Epic Combo using to enhance brand experience.This means that the user voluntaliry authorizes Epic Combo (and its partners) for the collection and management of data written below, unless stating otherwise through industry standard methods described below The scope of this Privacy Policy covers all the data mentioned below, for the time mentioned below. Important: Epic Combo does NOT sell or voluntarily share any data with third parties.

We collect browsing information

We only collect data related to browsing activity through anonymous, encrypted cookies or equivalent identifiers that record: events related to any activity on the partner’s website(s) (such as, but not limited to the number of pages viewed, the products viewed on that website, searches conducted on the partner’s website etc.) generic information related to devices (device type, operating system, browser version etc.) and events related to Epic Combo ad serving activity such as clicks, frequency of ads displayed to a single individual (to avoid repetitive ads), feedback coming through AdChoices. We also collect anonymous, encrypted technical user identifiers from our partners for the purpose of matching the browsers used and serve more relevant ads based on browsing behavior across browsers.

Our Technology

We collect information via anonymous cookies placed in browsers. Epic Combo Ltd.’s “tags” visitors at its partners' websites with anonymous, encrypted browser cookies, and users are given an anonymous identifier. At no point does Epic Combo Ltd. collect personal or sensitive data, such as your name or e-mail address. The browser cookies track events such as products viewed by the visitor, services subscribed or canceled and pages visited of the partner for whom Epic Combo is delivering ads. Only the anonymous identifier is stored in the cookies for security reasons. These identifiers are further encrypted and are absolutely meaningless to anybody else.

What we do NOT collect: any personal information

We do not know who you are and we do not want to. We do not know your address, your place of work, your date of birth, your email address or any other personally identifiable information about you and we like it this way. We do not use your IP address for targeting purposes. IPs might occasionally be stored for a limited time and only for security purposes (fraud detection) We do not collect any sensitive information (such as religious/ political views, health status, credit card information, etc.). Personal and sensitive information is of no use to us. Our purpose is to enhance your experience with our partner brands and nothing more.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored in the web browsing application (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera) on a user’s computer for multiple purposes. There are two main types of cookies: Session cookies are used to make it easier to navigate on websites. A session ID cookie expires and is deleted by the browser when you close it. Persistent cookies are used to store information that are needed for returning visitors, like preferred language. Our technology relies on this to enhance experience on our partners' websites and encountering their advertisements throughout the web. These remain on the hard drive for an extended period of time and can be removed as described in the browsers help section. Most of your favorite websites are making a living of advertisements. We work with them too, to ensure the highest quality of user experience that is in every party’s interest.

User choices – opt out

If you do not want your received ads targeted and personalized by Epic Combo, you can disable the tracking and targeting here.

Please note: when you opt out a cookie will be set in your browser. We must maintain the cookie in your browser in order to recognize you as an opted-out visitor. You must opt out again if you clear cookies from your browser, use a different browser, or use a new computer, other device to access the internet. This is due to technical limitations and the fact that we really do not know who you are. Due to the same reasons we cannot accept any other ways of opting out but the ones described above. (e-mail, postal, phone etc.) In case your browser is set to “Do Not Track” then Epic Combo’s will automatically switch every tracking and targeting off. Please consult your browser’s help section how to do that. Important! Opting out does not mean there will be no ads served to you by Epic Combo Ltd. Or anybody else. It means Epic Combo and will no longer tailor the experience that we think best suits you including types of products or services in the advertisments, frequency of them etc.


We apply industry standard, state of the art physical, electronic, and other procedures to safeguard and prevent unauthorized access, maintaining data security.Third parties may unlawfully intercept or access private communications, abuse or misuse information collected. Accordingly, we cannot warrant or represent that the information or communications disclosed will remain private. Our tracking cookies do not expire unless data collection and usage rights are revoked by the user through means described above. We may retain IP addresses for 3 months. In the case of fraud detection, this term may be extended for the purpose of investigation.


We may update or amend our Privacy Policy due to new regulations, industry standard and technological changes. In all cases, we will publish here any updates or amendments so you can remain up to date on how and what information we collect, how we may and may not use it. Please check the website of Epic Combo Ltd. Or for the latest version of the Privacy Policy.


Should you have any queries to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the below address: or by mail at: H-1056 Budapest, Marcius 15 ter 7.; 1./ 4., Hungary