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Campaign management

In the past 10+ years in high risk industries we have been running successful campaigns on all major advertising platforms including Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon, Exoclick etc. in 35 countries in 19 languages. Our current record is being responsible for 5Bn ad impressions in a single month. Running regional, multi market campaigns from a central place requires a different type of approach, but simplifies our clients’ lives significantly, as they don’t have to deal with local agencies or branches. Our veteran media buyers are not just used to fierce competition, uphill battles, strict goals, complex global puzzles but bizarrely straight up enjoying it. Challenge them.

Amazon e-commerce

As a Certified Verified Amazon Advertising Partner we can offer full service help in any stage of your Amazon e-commerce journey: newly entering and building from complete scratch, listing new products, brand registration, building and maintaining stores, enhanced content. We are well versed in SEO and advertising for Amazon, to support your market and channel expansions, growing your e-commerce business.

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Take control of your campaigns. More detailed reporting, more control over targeting and frequency, first party tracking, multi-touch metrics and attribution is all possible through our easily scalable, cloud based ad serving solutions. Access predictive analytics: if knowledge is power, indication is influence. Identifying the patterns in user behavior helps you better match their needs, therefore enhance their experience interacting with your brand. Improved creative optimization: the right message to the right person at the right time. Is there anything more marketers ever wanted? Predictive creative optimization goes way beyond the ancient A/B which banner gets more click approach.
Google Third-Party Ad Serving Certificate
Google Third-Party Ad Serving Certificate

Marketing Audit

Knowing which advertising or promotion brings the best result is essential to achieve sustainable growth and budget efficiency. While Cross channel attribution exists for a while now it, is not only an increasingly complex technical challenge due to privacy changes, it is also a business challenge. Your internal teams will always compete with each other and present results as their own. From time to time it is beneficial to have an unbiased look before deciding which channels to invest more heavily in.

Affiliate Fraud

Wherever there is money to be made online questionable affiliates tend to appear. Even big, seemingly reputable companies sometimes use mixed strategies to improve their results. Some of these may seem harmless at first glance, but some can do real damage unnoticed. Brand pirates, PPC bidders, cookie stuffers can all skew your statistics, distroting your channel attribution metrics often taking credit from your SEO, other advertising efforts, or even snatch commission from other whitehat affiliates, making them less profitable. All this results in a simple truth, your channel investment will not be based on actual performance therefore limiting your growth. Sometimes affiliate managers have conflict of interest to go out of their way to find these affiliates risking their numbers, sometimes they are just overloaded.
We are well versed in most unsavoury and blackhat strategies and able to identify the most likely practice just based on statistics. If needed we proceed to catch them live in the act, collect evidence and present it in a report with our suggestions on actions to be taken. Our biggest success so far was saving a monthly 150.000 EUR in commission for an affiliate program without any measurable income drop.
Are you sure all your affiliates play nice?

Machine Learning

AI has been one of the most popular buzzword for a couple of years now, but the reality is that very few of the companies that claim to have it do actually have something that is properly built upon any Machine Learning. We have project management experience in multiple areas regarding Machine Learning including recommendation engines, user scoring, CRM, content analysis, content generation, moderation and of course chatbots. Data science can be a powerful tool contributing to a company’s success, but the challenge is always the proper integration into existing processes and structuring it in a way that has actual added business value or output.

No Cookies

Safari and Firefox have already severely limited cookie usage affecting a large chunk of the advertising industry. Alphabet is dragging its feet to do the same with Chrome which is a writing on the wall: it will have an enormous effect on advertising online if they are so reluctant to proceed. Some people say there is nothing to do until Chrome announces something but we strongly disagree. If Alphabet does not stand in line and strenghten the image of the industry being capable of self regulation, we expect the EU to step in. Given their recent new laws and rulings it is not far fetched to imagine them outlawing cookies for general tracking purposes. We encourage all our clients to examine what that would mean for them in terms of financial impact and data quality. Decreasing ROAS, significantly worse targeting options and skyrocketing CPAs – its not a fantasy, it is the very reality a lot of Facebook advertisers are living in the past years – it will be much more of the same with Chrome cookies gone.
What can you do and how can we help? We can help you model and assess the difference of your advertising / affiliate marketing channels’ performance in a no cookie environment, share information we gathered from big affiliates around the world. We can help plan and execute projects to introduce first party tracking so you have time to get it right and master it by the time it becomes an absolute necessity.

About us

Epic Combo is a state of the art marketing technology startup aiming to increase marketing budget spend efficiency and user experience enhancement through a unique array of user behavior analytics and personalized ad targeting services.

Founded by a group of industry veterans and friends we do the same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world! With offices in Budapest and Malta, we are now able to take on challenges we were only dreaming about when we started.

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