Global AdServers

Cloud based, dynamically scaled

Pay as much as you use

Real time stats



Take control of your campaigns. More detailed reporting, better tracking and Multi-touch metrics and attribution is all possible through our easily scalable, cloud based ad serving solutions.

Campaign management

Our veteran media buyers are not just used to fierce competition, uphill battles, strict goals, complex global puzzles but bizarrely straight up enjoying it. Challenge them.

Omnichannel retargeting

Reach your identified audience across all channels in your marketing mix regardless where you met them first or ever.

Cross device tracking

Talk to people not devices. Achieve a consistent conversation with your customers no matter where they might be and what device they use.

Behavior analysis

We can engineer, arrange, segment, cross-segment your data to meet business needs, or to help create them by giving otherwise unavailable product insights.

Predictive analytics

If knowledge is power, indication is influence. Identifying the patterns in user behavior helps you better match their needs, therefore enhance their experience interacting with your brand.

Creative optimization

The right message to the right person at the right time. Is there anything more marketers ever wanted? Predictive creative optimization goes way beyond the ancient A/B which banner gets more click approach.

How it works

We use our licensed ad servers to mark users meeting the display campaigns through industry standard beacons. Storing all point of contacts in anonymous profiles, including successful placements, clicks and ignored impressions as well, helps our algorithms to identify typical user patterns. Our on site metrics snippet measures how users are engaging with the product further refining the picture. In some cases advanced features may need additional depersonalized data through a simple API.

Gathering and arranging the above data enables brand owners to enhance the user experience, indicate or predict expected behavior during the process and answer with matching offers, products, etc. in real time.

About us

Epic Combo is a state of the art marketing technology startup aiming to increase marketing budget spend efficacy and user experience enhancement through a unique array of user behavior analytics and personalized ad targeting services.

Founded by a group of industry veterans and friends we do the same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world! With offices in Budapest and Shanghai, we are now able to take on challenges we were only dreaming about when we started.

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